Our work has brought us compliments from industry leaders, organizations and companies. We are pleased to share some of them below.
“Working with SGI was the most interesting, promising and amazing opportunity. I honestly have never seen such a quick and efficient working mentality as SGI has demonstrated”
Oren Blonder
CEO, Blue I Technologies

“You (SGI) and your team are exceptional”
Yossi Yaacoby
 Director, Watech Division, Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company  .
“Thank you for an exceptional event, hospitality and arranging an outstanding round of meetings for us during your Water Technology Conference”
Zeev Effrat
CEO, Aquarius Spectrum

“One of the best, most productive conferences and meeting schedules we’ve ever participated in”
Sharon Cohen
CEO, Amiad USA

“SGI is one of the most professional, outstanding and competent consultants we’ve ever worked with. They deliver"
Niv Morag
Business Development Manager, Water, Oil and Gas Sector, Israel Export Institute

“When it comes to International Economic development, whether through trade missions or other means of building international business relationships , the services that SGI provides are unparalleled in their excellence and their professionalism"

Alan Schonberg
Chairman Emeritus, Management Recruiters International

“SGI have raised the bar and set a new standard in the way that trade missions are handled"

David Furst
Director,Life Science Industry, Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

“SGI's experience and expertise in connecting businesses internationally has proven time and time again they can bring new opportunities for their clients."

Brandon Lynaugh & Darrin Klinger,
Partners , Strategic Public Partners, LLC

“The Franklin County Mission to India exceeded all our expectations thanks to the organizational skills of SGI"

Kenny McDonald,
Chief Economic Officer, Columbus 2020

“SGI did an incredible job organizing the Franklin County, Ohio mission to India. The meetings were top notch and execution seamless"

John O’Grady,
Franklin County Commissioner

“SGI is the consummate professional organization in mission planning. They did an incredible job organizing the Summit Count Mayor’s Association Mission to India"

Karen Fritschel,
Mayor of the City of Stow, Ohio

“SGI managed to put together a profound human-political understanding along with in depth knowledge of the important people involved"

Yechiel Gotfried,

“We found SGI Global brings together the right dimensions of combining their worldwide experiences with local on the ground understanding"

Michael Ellison,
CEO, Babylon America

“SGI is highly professional and qualified consulting firm that can deliver results for its clients. Their ability to arrange high level contacts and meetings with companies that were important to us was right on the mark"

James Dotan,
Vice President Sales & Marketing, CONTROP USA, Inc.

“The OHIO-ISRAEL medical IT mission arranged by SGI was an example of excellence in planning and execution of a complex event"

Oren Shuster,
Director, CEO eWave

“I have been participating in such events over the past 20 years and this one was the best I’ve ever attended, well focused and extremely well managed."

Nitzan Sneh,
CEO, Clinic Works, Inc.

“The Cleveland/Akron Medical IT mission was exceptional in both the types of organizations we met with and the level of the person we spoke to. The effort that SGI (Howard/David) put in was unbelievable"

Ran Goshen,
Marketing VP, DB Motion

“Your IT mission was fantastic and I'm so happy to see that the Israeli companies are appreciative of your hard work and dedication"

Noa Asher, 
Israel Economic Consul

“SGI continues to deliver the type of consulting services that every economic development organizations needs in order to be successful"

Robert  Bowman, 
Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, City of Akron, Ohio

“SGI did a great job in identifying and bringing to us potential investments in emerging medical technology companies.  I highly recommend them."

Ilene Shapiro, Vice President, Summa Foundation, Akron, Ohio
“The Israel-America Chamber could not have a better partner in helping us promote US-Israel bilateral business. SGI’s  efforts on our behalf have been outstanding"

Tammy Guy,
Managing Director, AMCHAM Israel

“SGI is the consulting group to work with on US-India business relations"

Anil Deshpande,
CEO, Maharashtra Economic Development Council

“We found SGI to be the ideal partner in our work in the US"

Akash Bhavsar,
Managing Director, SkyQuest

“SGI has excellent organization skills that made my visit to Ohio for their alternative energy event productive and worthwhile"

Ramesh Jalan,
Head, United Nations Energy Development Programme, New Delhi, India